Bylaws of the International Animal Data Information Systems Committee


Mission Statement

The International Animal Data Information Systems Committee (IADISC) will serve as a global forum/mechanism for the user communityís involvement necessary to move forward with the planning, design, development, and deployment of a new Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS).

The mission of the ZIMS project is to develop, deploy and maintain a comprehensive information system that supports a wide range of animal management and conservation activities associated with zoological institutions (aquariums and zoos) and the zoological community.

IADISC Committee Composition


The following officers will be elected by the Regional Association Representatives to oversee IADISC




Regional Association Representatives are eligible to run for an office of IADISC.  The term for each officer will be three years.

Regional Representatives

Each region will have the opportunity to appoint as many members to the IADISC as they feel are appropriate to represent their associationís membership. New members can be appointed at any time by a regional association elected president or equivalent.

Terms for Regional Representatives

Terms for regional representatives will be for three years.  At the end of their term, they may be reappointed to IADISC by their associations elected president or equivalent.   The associationsí elected president or equivalent can terminate the term of any of their association representatives at any time.


Advisors can be appointed by the IADISC chair at any time during the term of office. The term for each advisor will end at the time when the Chairís term ends.  At that time, the new Chair has the option to reappoint each advisor to IADISC and appoint other advisors. Advisors will not have formal voting rights, but may be involved in the development of consensus.


            At formal meetings that have been scheduled at least two months in advance, a quorum will consist of the members present and will include representation from at least three regions. 


Decisions should generally reflect the consensus of those present, however where consensus cannot be achieved then each region should carry equal voting power, avoiding the potential dominance of any one region at a particular meeting. A simple majority carries decisions. Voting will take place at meetings with a quorum present or by the Internet using a list server ensuring that all regions represented on the IADISC have the opportunity to contribute towards the decision making process. There will be no proxy votes.

 Changes in Bylaws

Any proposed changes to the bylaws will abide by the following protocol.

1.      The proposed changes to the bylaws will be made in writing and distributed by the IADISC Secretary to all regional representatives through the list server.

2.      After a period of thirty days for review and discussion, the Secretary will call for a vote by the email.

3.      Each regional association will carry equal voting powers and will cast the same numbers of votes.  

4.      A two-thirds majority of the votes cast will be necessary to change the bylaws.