Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

The participation of subject matter experts in the development of standards and the design of ZIMS is vital to the success of the Project.  One of IADISC's goals is to promote and support the involvement of SMEs by maintaining a list of contacts and identifying workshops and discussion participants as needed.  

The SME database contains a list of subject matter experts that have volunteered to become involved in either ZIMS JAD (Joint Application Design) Workshops, Standards Work, or the Electronic Discussion Forums.  

The ZIMS Discussion Forum is where many documents are posted for review and feedback from the ISIS community. If you are interested in participating in any of these reviews please visit

To become involved in the Standards Work and ZIMS design, please contact one of the IADISC representative for your region.


Subject Matter Expert List - we keep a database of all those people that have volunteered to participate as Subject Matter Experts in the ZIMS Project.  Names on this list include all the SMEs who are on JAD, Standards, or the Electronic Discussion Forums.  It is sorted by region and then last name.

SME Database - this link is for  Moderators and Regional Facilitators to manage their particular SME lists.